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Massive List: Doctor Who: Third Doctor

Broken down into smaller bits for your entertainment...
Third DoctorCollapse )
http://bookdelver.livejournal.com/14006.html - The First Doctor
http://bookdelver.livejournal.com/14096.html - The Second Doctor
More edits to come ...

I've stolen this list from [info]taiamu who states:
"Half of this was a meme done by some kind soul on LJ. I've decided to
continue and expand it, for my own and others' convenience.

Italicized are the ones I've seen/heard ...

Cut for extreme length(Ah, Big Finish, I love you. stop being quite /so/ prolific).

So in an effort to revive my own love the show (not really dead but slumbering in the depths of space in my brain).::
<bolding is the stuff I've listened to, have watched in some form of reconstruction or read the Target or other novelization -- * denotes favorites>
The Massive List growsCollapse )

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay ...

I find myself wanting to respond to a bunch of fictional characters and their authors today. I know it's an absolutely absurd thing to do, but I'm feeling a bit perverse and I need to do some constructive thinking. At least, I hope it's constructive thinking.

First some background on this: Blue Moon (2002) and Good Morning, Heartache (2003) are by the combo writing team of Peter Duchin (a band leader) and John Morgan Wilson (a journalist and author of the Benjamin Justice series). The first book, Blue Moon is set in 1963 shortly before the events of November that year. Good Morning, Heartache is set two years later, in 1965 with the background of the civil rights protests and the more immediate threat of the Watts Riots, and yes, much to Philip Damon's horror, the announcement of the British Invasion in the form of the Beatles ("updates every 10 minutes" a local L.A. radio station announces at one point).

Philip Damon is the band leader of the Philip Damon Orchestra, following in the footsteps of his father, Archie Damon. When BM opens up, it's been two years since his wife Diane was murdered in their home in New York and he's still dealing with the aftermath of the murder. He and the band head out to San Francisco for a series of concerts and dancing and, in fact, are right in middle of their first performance when someone gets murdered right in front of them. What follows is a pretty good mystery which ties back into Philip's wife's murder, presumably good jazz (it's hard to hear through paper) and Philip falling heels over head in love with someone who looks just like Diane (this seems to be a weakness for him).

GMH opens with the band heading off to L.A. for a series of concerts at the Ambassador Hotel. Philip and his alto sax playing friend and former SFPD Inspector Hercules Platt (such in evocative name!) soon get drawn into another murder mystery when one of the temporary band members gets murdered right after his first two gigs. Understandably, Philip is unhappy to have his relaxing working vacation interrupted not only by the murder, but a conniving studio executive, riots, Platt's insistence on getting involved in both the murder investigation but also in protecting his family who live in the danger zone and a number of other unfun events. Plus, he just has to fall heels over head in love with an up and coming star, Monica Rivers (I see a pattern).

I have to give the authors credit for the amount of research they did for these books (they read like a certain name dropping TL who's not above naming even passing acquaintances), not only for putting people/celebrities in their right places in time and space, but also for the descriptions of the buildings, the history of the areas Philip and his friends visit, the music and the amount of alcohol everyone seems to consume. I wonder that they don't walk about half drunk most of the time in these stories!

Now I started this post with the above title for a reason, so here we go. I find it hilarious to read the opinions of the characters (and, most likely by extension, their authors) on the music of the era, most specifically rock-n-roll. More than once Philip Damon laments on the dying art of big band music, jazz and the type of music one can still hear on the Lawrence Welks show-PBS Saturdays.

My personal favorite is the hope that rock is "just a passing fad". This is just too funny given that 1) rock had been around since 1950, showing no signs even then ('63-'65) of passing away, and 2) it had survived all the naysayers to the date of the stories in question (y'know "it's amoral" and it'll cause our children to become hoodlums and any number of other silli-and-not-so-silliness on the part of the so-called "moral majority" [1])
, 3) rock music was about to explode into a variety of forms, spreading its popularity in ways I'm sure Philip would be less than thrilled to discover.

I think what gets me about these two books is that they make such a fuss at all. While not a big fan of 60s music, I can say that I thoroughly enjoy the Beatles, I like 60s folk music and some of what was going on at the time was true to the jazz form, without which rock-n-roll wouldn't even exist!, in that it was highly experimental and in midst of great changes. Ironic? Maybe.

To date, I haven't found any evidence for a third book in the series, though to be honest, I wonder if there really would have been anything left to write. Name dropping celebrities you see and interact with may be fun, but in the end you might as well makes lists rather than write stories. Still, I've enjoyed reading these two books, getting a sense of a time period I have little to no real interest in[2] and getting to know a guy who really does seem to have really bad taste in women.


[1] Funnily enough, my dad who was a functioning teenager at the time Bill Haley and His Comets came out with Rock Around the Clock joined the military and was in security services for a time- no hoodlum he and he still listens to rock-n-roll.
[2] Why read about a time period I have no real interest in? You've got me! :0)

Writer's Block: Truth or dare

If your best friend picked dare over truth, what would you dare them to do, and why?

Actually dare them to tell the truth about something.

The resolution ...

has fallen by the wayside, I guess.

On the plus side, in Goodreads, I've reached 47 of the 110 books I plan to read for the 2011 Reading Challenge. I probably will by pass that number, as I managed to read 120 new books/stories last year. It's been an interesting ride though, so no complaints. To make more of an effort, I have written a review for almost all the books I have read to date, though I need to go back and rewrite the one for Why I Love Geeks by T.A. Chase which got wiped out by accident. Sigh.

Random thoughts on a exhausted Friday

Truly random ...
I wonder how someone who did not have the patience to sit down and read a book in high school could stand in front of the bathroom mirror for hours at a time playing with her hair and makeup and, though she doesn't like fish, was quite happy to go fishing.

My cat insists on drooping herself over my left arm, purring the whole time, even though I'm trying to type right now.

The gents of Law & Order: UK are a nice looking bunch, don't ya think?

Why aren't I at Gallifrey tonight? (Cat + vet = $$) Also, the hotel was sold out by the time I decided I'd better do something about going. Next year I will plan better! Forgot how big the con's gotten lately. Thankfully, Eric and Mark are being nice and getting me some goodies.

Been reading the J.D. Robb In Death books (first three). Not bad. I like Eve Dallas and Roarke. They're an interesting pair.

Why am I reading romance novels these days? Am I missing something?

Got to remember not tell the bright spot things I hated about school. I keep forgetting. Sigh.

High school flashback:
I'm sitting in the commons during lunch one day in my senior year, reading my book (probably Dune) and listening to my Walkman when a couple of boys come up to me. It took them a couple of tries to get my attention - I was that oblivious* - before one of them asked me if I would be willing to go out with a friend of theirs. I, being the suspicious type - perhaps cynical, definitely untrusting of teenaged boys - wondered just what these guys were up to. I had never seen these guys before; if they were in any of my classes, I couldn't tell you this far away in time (and even at the time, I didn't recognize them). This was the first time in nearly two years I had ever been disturbed during lunch and to be honest, I did not appreciate it at all.

I asked who this other guy was, and the first two pointed him out to me, where he was standing on the stairwell to the second floor. I looked up at him, then back at the two in front of me and said no thank you. Then I looked back at the guy on the stairwell, and deliberately shook my head at him. When his shoulders fell into a more relaxed state, because he really did look relieved, which only served to reinforce the idea that these guys were up to no good, I felt justified. To this day I wonder just what those guys were up to.

*This would lead to the second time I was interrupted during lunch - by a Narc of all the people! I was pretty deep in my book and music at the time and she was worried that I was actually drifting or high on something. I was annoyed by this, I don't do drugs and the only things I'm genuinely addicted to are books and chocolate and yeah, too much TV. All the same, we actually had a nice discussion about what I was reading and yes, this time, it most definitely was Dune. I wonder if she ever read the book. After that second time, I found other places to go to eat my lunch and read.

Time to log off, I guess. Mom says we got three eggs today. A sign that spring is most definitely on the way, I guess. Goody :o\


Ever cleaned a chicken coop? It's an interesting, stinky experience but at least the ladies now have fresh straw and bedding. And the coop smells good too.

Watching the chickens with fresh straw is a hoot. They pecked and scratched through it, looking for bugs and seeds, and it's all over the place now. They are very happy chickens. Wish I'd had time to take a picture this afternoon.

The Danger of e-books ...

They're too easy to get a hold of, for starters. As long as you're willing and able to pay for them, they are so frekkin' easy to download, you could very easily overwhelm yourself with them! Also, if you download one you don't like, you're either stuck with it or if you delete it, you're out however much you paid for it. Also, since you can't loan them out or trade them for other books, they have no "used book" status and therefore are no good for trading purposes ....

On the upside, the library is loaning out e-books which is really cool. So far, I've borrowed several books from them (and I can read those books at work ;0] )

But, but, I have read so many more books in the past several months than I would normally have read, I can't really complain that much. In the process, I've discovered a couple of authors I never would have read before and started really reading a genre I have pretty much avoided like the plague for the longest time: romance.

Mind you, not straight romance, ala Harlequin, Silhouette or others of the same ilk or for that matter, books with descriptions of the hero that include such things as (I kid you not) rippling muscles and tendons. Uhm, rippling tendons? Really sounds painful if you ask me.

I have nothing against romance in a story, in fact, it often adds a bit of fun to a story if you've got two characters who are attracted to each other and won't acknowledge the fact. Then there are the fun books like Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody Mysteries. A mixture of mystery, Egyptology and romance, this is a fun series. The relationship between Peabody and Emerson is one well worth watching and reading about. Amelia Peabody is a very self possessed and forward person who can be quite contradictory when it comes to social mores and she is not one to be the "little lady" to her husband. Their "refreshing little discussions" (read: shouting matches) are enjoyable and lend a sharpness to their relationship but the love they feel for each other is obvious.

But who or what snuck into my brain about mid-point summer 2009 and caused me to change my reading behavior? Or is it an age related thing? I'm still not reading flat-out romance (and probably never will) as described above, but am reading more romance all the same. Mostly mysteries right now with a large (large) dose of romance - what did I do? Ah well, it doesn't matter I guess. I'm enjoying myself and that's what counts right? :0)

So, just what have I been reading? Bet you don't care right? Oh well, sigh. What I have been reading are mysteries and paranormal romances for the most part. I discovered that I enjoy paranormal romances quite by accident when I picked up a book by Jennifer Ashley  [Shifters Unbound: Pride Mates] and had fun reading it. At the same time I picked up the first of Nalini Singh's series of books [Slave to Sensation - yeah it is surprisingly erotic but the overall plot is rather good and I'm looking forward to seeing where she takes the battle between the psychs and the rest of the world] which also features shifters of various kinds - wolves and cats mainly, but also raptors, rats, deer and any number of other types, plus humans and psychs.

Mysteries include books by Josh Lanyon, L.B. Gregg, Suzanne Brockmann, and a number of others, all of whom mix the mystery and romance in generous doses. It's been an interesting ride of late and I'm looking forward to more in the near future. And yeah, I got away from my original post idea, but who cares? Most of the new books I have read in these romance/mixes are e-books ... My newest form of my oldest of addictions has taken new shape in the form of a Kobo from Borders (on special for $99), so now I can take these books with me to work. Oh dear. LOL